Last week-end, Memorial Day, several Kate Gray women stopped by to talk to me about updating their wardrobes for summer. I enjoy these conversations, enjoy listening to your concerns, and offering advice about how to solve wardrobe challenges.

One woman, Nella, told me she was in a deep wardrobe slump and was tired of searching through closets and drawers every morning to find the right outfit for her work as a bank manager. She told me on some days, she could spend nearly an hour trying to find the right combination of top, skirt or pants and would end up frustrated and confused. Nothing seemed to look right together.

Sound familiar? So many of us spend time and money buying random pieces of clothing with little consideration about how they will work with other pieces in our closets. We don’t think about color, style, or suitability for our particular body type. “It was on sale!” But what does it matter if that sale piece languishes on a hangar in the closet? We may think, “I’ll wear it when I lose 5 pounds, or when I have my summer tan, or when I go on vacation.” But these kinds of impulse purchases usually end up draining our budget, and/our precious energy.

I suggested to Nella that she carefully go through her closets and pick out just 2 pieces of favorite clothes: one skirt and one pair of pants. Things that she wore again and again. I asked her to pay attention to why she liked them. Comfort? Color? Brand? Flattering fit? Then I asked her to bring those 2 pieces into the shop and I would help her to choose a couple of pieces that would revitalize, re-energize those go-to items.

Nella brought in a pair of well-made, flattering black pants, and a yellow cotton skirt sprinkled with red roses. We found a silky red t-shirt that hung beautifully from Nella’s round shoulders and it worked perfectly with both the skirt and pants. We picked out an off-white, lightweight infinity scarf that subtly changed the T. Finally, Nella chose a light weight Lila P. jacket to dress up both outfits.

With a modest purchase, Nella walked away with several outfits based on two favorite stand-bys in her closet.

Instead of squandering your precious resources to make style mistakes, bring a few favorite pieces to Kate Gray – and let’s put our heads together and make thoughtful, charming style magic!

And because we worked through the mix and match process together, Nella knew she wouldn’t struggle on her own to build an outfit. She didn’t have to think about it each morning. The work was done. And that, my friends, increases the confidence quotient to a pleasant high!