About Us

Kate Vishnyakov

Kate Gray is About YOU!

There is a profound difference between clothes – and style. Clothes hang on endless racks in stores throughout every mall, and at any retail discount store. Clothes that are too tight, the wrong color, or unflattering to your body type will make you feel self-conscious and insecure.

Clothes, in and of themselves, are merely pieces of fabric sewn together. Style is the imaginative use of clothes to express your one-of-a-kind personality.

Kate Gray’s store is designed to encourage an exploration of unique pieces that can be combined for a unique expression of who you are. Who you are when you go off to work, attend a charity gala, meet with your children’s teacher. Who you are when you walk that adorable dog on a Sunday morning, when you host friends at home on a warm evening in July. Who you are when you don hat, gloves, boots and an elegant parka against the sharp cold of a Western Massachusetts winter.

Kate Gray wants you to dress in style that affirms your identity as a strong, interesting woman who works, reads, gardens, cares for grandchildren, cooks, dances and dreams. Every piece of clothing in the store has found its place there because of its potential to express the spirit of the woman who will wear it.

Kate believes that what you wear is an outward manifestation of who you are. She sees her role as that of a guide – to help you choose the clothes and accessories that perfectly express your personality. And as with any good guide, Kate takes the time to understand your values, lifestyle, path, goals. Kate respects how you choose to spend your money on your wardrobe. Kate Gray clothes are meant to be worn – not to hang in a closet. When you shop at Kate Gray, you can be confident that you will never leave the shop with a shopping bag full of “bad decisions.”

The doors to Kate Gray opened 10 years ago in Longmeadow, MA by a woman who learned the fine art of dressing people well at the iconic Yale Genton in West Springfield, MA. In those 10 years of managing her own business, her clients have taught her the importance of attending to each person as an individual with concerns, anxieties and insecurities about how to dress herself appropriately, beautifully and with style. Kate’s mission is to transform the shopping experience from something to be endured to a journey of joyful and confident self-expression.

If this is your goal – in every aspect of your life, Kate Gray’s doors are open. You just need to walk through them! Kate Gray is ABOUT YOU!